Multi Level Marketing Software Development Services

What is MLM?

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is marketing strategy adopted by certain companies in which a parent company sale its products and services through multi-level model wherein there is a relationship existing between direct and referral sales. Thus, though this system a distributor sell product of a company and gets commission from every sale they do through their independent business. The Distributor can either sell products directly or retail it at wholesale rates.

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MLM Software:

As most of the companies nowadays are utilizing MLM strategy for marketing their products and services; thus, to manage the whole process of sales effectively most of the businesses require productive software that is capable of administering the whole process while managing each level effectively.Thus, we at Webdigitronix Softlabs Pvt Ltd with our team of highly skilled staff that possess years of experience in effective Multi Level Marketing Software Development Services offer MLM software that is designed to effectively administer any kind of complex MLM business.

Software details:

  • Customized as per the business requirement
  • Can calculate monthly pay out according to plan
  • Have facility of Product Management
  • Create and edit profiles
  • Input and View Transactions
  • Advanced Features for reporting
  • Secure Admin Panel
  • Monthly earning Status and many more