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Creative Ways To Make Your Social Media Images Effectual

Social Media without great images is just like salad without dressing. You need attractive and creative images as per the content and your genre audience. Even Social Media Experts advice to spend 3 to 5 times as much time crafting your image as you does for your text. This is because, no matter how expressive or eloquent your words may be, the thing that most people remember will always be your image.

Read our list of Creative ways to make your social media images better than ever and make your images stand out among the rest of images your followers see every day.

First Make A Brand and Then Make it Consistent

The color, font style, and overall “feel” of your images should stay consistent with your branding for a number of reasons. Brand engagement & recognition can be increased up to 80% when a consistent color scheme is used in every image. Giving consistent look and feel to your brand has many advantages as it conveys authority and can inspire trust. It can portray a brand as more stable and established. Software Company in Lucknow that excels at social media marketing almost always has a closely defined, immediately recognizable image style that fits perfectly with their brand.

Adjust Same Images Instead of Creating Different Images for Different Social Media Platforms

You don’t have to create totally different images for your different social media platforms; all you have to do is to take account size, resolution, and text differences when you’re planning on sharing an image across your social channels. One of the simplest examples is Instagram. We all know Instagram images are square, not rectangular, which can make designing for Instagram different than designing for Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes design guidelines can differ within a platform too. On Facebook, a sponsored ad image has a different optimal size from a sponsored post image. You likely won’t have to make huge adjustments, but to make your images look their very best, you should make sure you look closely at the preview each time you develop a post.

Know About Some Basic Design Rules

Some things never change and in visual design, those things are the basic rules of creativity and innovation. Balance, contrast, space and color are ideas most of us keep in mind while creating images but if you really want to take your images to the next level, it’s worth taking some time to really study and understand the basic and most essential rules of designs like hierarchy, Line and Space.

Learning how to incorporate all these things into your design will help you create images that are not only attractive, but stay in people’s minds.

Choose Text Carefully

Gone are the days when images were images and text were text. Today, images include text also. When done right, this strategy offers the best of both design and text. Keep it simple. One sentence or a few bullet points is enough. Unless it’s a quote, avoid complex sentences.

Quotes and inspirational sayings usually perform very well, as long as they’re relevant to your brand. Contests, promotions, and other campaigns can be great scenario for images with text. Make sure the image you choose is clean and offers enough empty space for your text to be clearly visible.