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Types of app and career as app developer at the present time

Types of app and career as app developer at the present time

DATE : 20-10-2018
Types of app and career as app developer at the present time

When it comes to the IT Industry, there are plenty of job opportunities for a good job profile. To work as an app developer isn’t an easy task; it is needed to be up to date with the latest trends in mobile app development. There are many programs that you have to know to become a successful app developer. IT field offer good CTC for an app developer. It starts with a good salary for a fresher and has no limits for a good app developer.

The users of the internet and app in India

 India is in the second position of using internet according to internet world stats. If we talk about the mobile app, then we can say the mobile devices have become ubiquitous as two-thirds of the world’s population is using mobile devices. Just think about that the mobile application users are so many in the world who use apps for shopping, video games, searching for jobs, study, entertainment etc. As a result, the need for the mobile app developers has surged and will remain for a long time.

IT Company

There are many IT Companies are in the market for providing you IT services but you need to choose the best one among them. is result oriented and cost-effective for you. It provides all IT services for the business development.


So many people are using a mobile app which is increasing the demand of the app developer with time. The standard and policies of mobile app development are made by OHA (Open Handset Alliance).

Types of app

There are two types of mobile apps:

1.       Native apps

2.       Hybrid apps

Native apps

At the present time, it is being used so much. It is like one app for one platform

Hybrid apps

 Hybrid apps are like one app for multiple platforms. These apps are fast and easy to develop but the users of it are less because it has many conditions and permissions.

Mobile Operating System

Android App

Andy Rubin is the creator of Android app which is the Google’s Product. There are a few programs which have been used for making a native app: programs like Java (developed by Sun Microsystems but now owned by Oracle Corporation), XML, Kotlin (Developer and designer is Jet Brains). It is in trend and people like to use it because of the following reasons:

1.       Easy to use

2.       Better experience

3.       Easily available

4.       Low-cost development

5.       Free software

6.       More phone choices

7.       Better charging options

8.       More apps choices

9.       Google play is more user-friendly

10.   Better hardware

iOS App

For making iOS app, the app developer needs to use Mac Book/Mac. The program which is used for making an iOS App is objective C. The advantages of using iOS apps are below:

1.       Secure and encrypted

2.       New apps come on iOS first

3.       Fixed iOS alternative spares

4.       App store for quality apps